Pediatrics Section

Global Care Hospital greatly values the health of children and realizes that they deserve specialized medical facilities to care for them. The section includes:

A specifically designed unit for children equipped with the latest medical technologies and preventive means. It consists of a full pediatric team of the best consultants and specialists to ensure the finest quality of medical care for your kids.


Infant Unit: it is always run under supervision of a group of consultants, specialists, and nurses who provide care around the clock to ensure best care for mothers and infants during postpartum period. Routine audiology and thyroid screening is also performed.

Incubator Unit: it provides 24 hour consulting services where babies are examined twice a day during their stay in order to ensure early detection of any complications or unnatural symptoms. This is done by using highly equiped incubators with special ventilators , also we have anbulant incubator to transfer prevature babies from other hospitals