Global Care has set up a hospital in the Sheikh Zayed on about 1,400 m2, and consists of five floors with a total of 60 beds, the hospital has been implemented according to the specifications of the World.

The hospital has been equipped with the latest regulations and modern medical equipment, staffed by professors from all disciplines in medicine and nursing staff at the highest level of skill and experience, and the hospital is managed by technological systems, specializing in the medical field.

mis11Hospital vision:

To be one of the pioneers of medical service at the local and global level

iconmonstr-clipboard-7-icon1The goal of the hospital:

It is to provide the best care for patients competitive prices

our location

Such as Sheikh Zayed most important city and the largest modern cities and the Arab Republic of Egypt is characterized by favorable geographical, It is bordered to the north Giza city center and south and the 6th of October City, about 15 KM from Lebanon Square, And inhabited by the elite of the elite of Egyptian society, The hospital is situated in the heart of Sheikh Zayed City, which features many of the major commercial centers such as the famous neighboring (Mall of Arabia – Egypt Mall – Carrefour – Hyper One). Also located in close proximity to Media City, And linking the capital cities and other network Speaking of roads and main traffic hubs

Vision  (Honesty – Care – Safety)

  • Respect for patient rights.

  • Provide the latest treatment methods.

  • Using the latest medical Altguenbat.

  • The provision of an elite group of professors of medicine in all disciplines.

  • Providing the best global expertise in subspecialties through a network of international relationships with the world’s best medical institutions.

  • Privacy
  • Appropriate treatment
  • Transparency
  • Suitable prices
  • Modern means of communication

Hospital units & centers description

  • Sophisticated center of the Cardiac Catheterization Alalajiamrkz sophisticated diagnostic and surgery to bone and joint industrial endoscopes
  • An integrated center for plastic surgery and treatment of obesity
  • Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy Center
  • Clinics for external center in all disciplines
  • The X-ray center includes regular scans and ultrasound (four-dimensional – sound waves of the heart – mammogram)
  • Rooms are equipped with the latest technology for all surgical operations at the highest level operations
  • Central laboratory and blood bank
  • Pharmacy
  • Different degrees of boarding Ultimate and compact nature represented in the hotel business,
  • Wings – the first single rooms – the first regular rooms
  • Receiver Module for emergency and critical cases
  • Unit Critical Care
  • Alone heart care
  • Unit brain and nerve care
  • Unit care of premature babies
  • Unit Gastroenterologists & Endoscopy
  • Unit treat tumors
  • Unit early diagnosis and treatment of breast tumors
  • Unit surgeries per day
  • And central sterilization unit is equipped in accordance with the specifications Internatioanl
  • Central laundry is equipped with the latest equipment
  • Kitchen and Restaurant is equipped according to international quality standards
  • Mosque for prayers