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Urology and Lithotripsy

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The Urology department offers for adults, children and females a wide range of services in the era of Genito-Urinary surgery. With state of the art diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, our well trained and experienced Urology consultants and staff are able to provide the latest treatment services either through endoscopic treatment, fragmentation and laser devices without surgery or through a surgical procedure that requires open surgery. The department provides the following services:

First: Laparoscopic surgeries for adults, pediatrics, and females:

Through laparoscopic surgery of kidney, ureters, bladder and prostate, and using all types of energy such as ultrasound and laser for laparoscopic surgeries.

Second: Laparoscopic surgeries and laser for prostate, superficial or recurrent bladder tumors, and laser and ultrasound lithotripsy of bladder stones.

Third: Ureteroscopy surgeries.

For laser lithotripsy for upper and lower ureteric stones; reaching renal pelvis stones through ureteroscopy and pulverizing them by laser and ultrasound.

Fourth: the section includes the latest helium laser device for successful urinary tract lithotripsy.

Fifth: the section offers break up of both radiolucent and radiopaque kidney stones:

Through Shock Wave Lithotripsy (SWL) with a high quality devices determining the place of stones accurately and providing treatment at a very high success rate.

Sixth: Surgeries for female urinary/reproductive system:

For vesicovaginal fistula repair, injuries to the uterus and ovary during surgeries, and urinary incontinence surgeries.

Seventh: a great and advanced group of laparoscopic pediatric surgery:

Laparoscopic treatment of bladder and ureter, laser laparoscopy for urinary tract operations, treatment of urinary tract deformities, laser and shock wave lithotripsy, surgical treatment of congenital anomalies in urinary tract, as well as undescended testicle and severe testicular torsion.

Eighth: the section includes a great number of equipment for accurate diagnosis of urology through clinics to reach the most precise diagnosis results rapidly. The clinics are managed by urologists and include:

Abdominal ultrasound for adults and children, prostate ultrasound through anal, and taking sample of prostate through local anesthesia without pain if prostate tumors are doubted.

Ninth: prostate diseases for elderly and the young, including:

  • Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)
  • Prostate cancer
  • Chronic and acute prostatitis
  • Prostate congestion

The section follows up treatment and diagnosis of all prostate diseases with the recent techniques to reach best results.

Tenth: Surgeries for treatment of sterility and impotence such as:

  • Connect spermatic cord operation for treatment of diverticulum of the spermatic cord causing infertility.
  • Penile prosthesis implantation for erectile dysfunction.
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