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Global Care Hospital – Nutrition Clinic Services

Global Care Hospital – Nutrition Clinic Services

Nutrition is a fundamental pillar of human life. The study of nutrients in food. And how humans use them.

From the earliest stages of fetal development, at birth, through infancy, childhood, adolescence, and into adulthood and old age, proper food and good nutrition are essential for survival.


The Nutrition Clinic at Global Care Hospital provides healthy nutritional programs and therapeutic nutrition systems for all cases of eating disorders, weight, and other conditions such as pregnancy and lactation.


Nutrition clinic services


Individual nutrition counselling is available through the Nutrition Clinic at Global Care Hospital. Our dietitians can help tailor your diet to meet your personal and health needs, some of which may include:


  • Dietary consultations for pregnant mothers, children, and newborn
  • Detailed nutritional assessment and balanced diet after studying each case.
  • Follow-up of patients after surgeries.​
  • Personalized nutrition advice and direction meet your individualized health needs (Obesity, thinness, and weight maintenance).
  • Diet plans for patients with diabetes and blood pressure.
  • Therapeutic nutrition for High cholesterol patients 
  • Food allergy and intolerance.


Our doctors at Global Care Hospital will help you identify dangerous dietary behaviours that may contribute to eating difficulties and maintaining a healthy diet.


Contact us at any time through our Whatsapp number 01008330057.

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