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OPD Specialities

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 Dr. Abu El Atta General surgery and endoscopy Saturday : from 10-12 & 6-8thrusday : from 12-2 & 6 – 8
 Dr. Abd El Monem Hassonah General surgery and endoscopy Sunday : from 12-2tuesday : from 12-2 & 6-8

thrusday : from 12-2 & 6-8

 Dr. Ahmed Shoukry General surgery and endoscopy
 Dr. Mohammed Haqi General surgery and endoscopy wednesday : from 6-8
 Dr. Mohammed El Masry General surgery and endoscopy
 Dr. Ayman Salah General surgery and endoscopy Tuesday : from 6-8
 Dr. Fiesal Amer Tumor Surgery
 Dr. Deyaa Saleh Tumor Surgery
 Dr. Ahmed Gamel el Sharkawy Plastic surgery Saturday & Monday : from 5-7
 Dr. Hossam Tahsen Plastic surgery Sunday/Tuesday/Thrusday : from 6-8
 Dr. Khaled Al Jamal Urology
 Dr. Anmar Habib Urology Saturday/Tuesday/Thrusday : from 12-2
 Dr. Adel Saad Urology Saturday & Tuesday : from 2-4
 Dr. Nour Nagaty Surgery and dental treatment
 Dr. Hisham Abdel Fatah Surgery and dental treatment
 Dr. Treza Shesha Surgery and dental treatment
 Dr. Tarik Ashmawy Surgery and dental treatment
 Dr. Gehan Saad El Din Surgery and dental treatment Monday/Thrusday : from 10.30 – 2.30
 Dr. Mahmoud Hafez Orthopaedic Surgery Monday : from 10-12Thrusday : from 5 – 8
 Dr. Hosny Saber Orthopaedic Surgery
 Dr. Samir Morgan Orthopaedic Surgery
 Dr. Nabil El Sahy Orthopaedic Surgery
 Dr. Wael Kobtan Orthopaedic Surgery
 Dr. Ahmed Hal2a Brain and nerve surgery Thrusday : from 12-2
 Dr. Ahmed Naguib Brain and nerve surgery Thrusday : from 4-7
 Dr. Tarik Taref Brain and nerve surgery
 Dr. Amr El Tayeb Brain and nerve surgery
 Dr. Ahmed Kohil Brain and nerve surgery
 Dr. Mohamed Abdel Hadi Brain and nerve surgery
 Dr.Gamal Abdel Fatah Ear Nose and Throat Surgery Tuesday : from 2-4
 Dr. Ahmed Negm Ear Nose and Throat Surgery Saturday / Monday
 Dr. Mohamed Heba Ear Nose and Throat Surgery Sunday : from 10-2Tuesday : from 6-8
 Dr. Ragab Momtaz Ear Nose and Throat Surgery Wednesday : 12 – 2
 Dr. Sayed Oraby Chest’s diseases
Dr. Samah Seliem Chest’s diseases
Dr. Ayman El Azony Neurological and psychiatric diseases
Dr. Hisham Kattan Gastrointestinal tract and liver Saturday / Tuesday : from 5-8Thrusday : from 4-6
Dr. Mounir Osman Heart disease and cardiac catheters
Dr. Khaled Wahba Heart disease and cardiac catheters
Dr. Amr Hasan Heart disease and cardiac catheters
Dr. Magdy El Aykeyaby Blood diseases Saturday : from 5-7
Dr. Moustafa Ayman Kidney disease
Dr. Mohsen Mokhtar Oncology
Dr.Mohamed Abdallah Oncology
Dr. Shamil Hefny Women and obstetrics Monday : from 12-2
Dr. Mohamed Khalid Women and obstetrics
Dr. laila el Bana Women and obstetrics Thrusday : from 5 – 8
Dr. Hala Nabil Women and obstetrics Wednesday : from 10 – 12
Dr. Ebtisam Women and obstetrics
Dr. Ahmed Magdy Women and obstetrics Saturday : from 10.30 – 1.30
Dr. Dina Akmal Children and newborns Everyday : from 4 – 7except Friday / Saturday
Dr. Hisham Safouh Children and newborns
Dr. Yasser Sedky Children and newborns
Dr. Noha Mousa Children and newborns
Dr. Nermeen Tarek Cosmetic Dermatology and Cutaneous
Dr. Dina El Sharkawy Cosmetic Dermatology and Cutaneous Wednesday : from 10 – 12
Dr. Ahmed Gamal Intimal

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