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The most common ears disorders


Our ears don’t only transmit the sounds to our brain to be recognized, but they also play a very important role in keeping our balance too.

You have to know that, our ears have 3 parts, which are:

  • The outer part.
  • The middle part.
  • The inner part.

Each one of those parts plays a very important role in the process of (sound transmission), the outer part of your ear transmits the sound waves to your middle eardrum which are vibrating, and then these vibrations are traveling to your inner ear.

The last phase of the sounds journey ends in your brain, to recognize them as sounds.

Common ear diseases

Sometimes we have some problems in our hearing, or balance, or whatever-related to our ears’ role.

We will mention some of the common disorders that can affect our ears, such as:


One of the common problems that can affect our ears is Tinnitus which makes us feel like there is noise in your ears and head.

You should know that this noise or what we call tinnitus consider as a symptom for other conditions, which can happen for different reasons such as age.

Ear Infections (Acute Otitis Media)

This condition affects the middle part of the ear, because of a virus or bacteria due to other illness such as cold.

This condition can cause some different symptoms in adults and children, some adults can feel pain in their ear, or fluid drains.

For children, they can feel troubles in their sleeping or losing their balance, besides the pain in the ears.

Meniere’s disease

This chronic condition affects the inner ear and makes the patient feel dizzy, besides other symptoms.

Till this moment we can’t mention the main cause of this disorder, but we can say it happens due to abnormal amounts of the fluid.

The patient can feel some symptoms due to this condition such as tinnitus, hearing loss, and some patients feel like there is fullness in their ear.

Ear Barotraumas

Almost everyone who had traveled one day by airplane, felt what we call ear barotraumas, it’s a condition that makes us feel like our ears are blocked and there is pain.

This condition doesn’t only happen when we fly, it can happen whenever the air or water pressure has been changing, so anyone can feel it in many situations.

Whatever the situation we are in, there are some symptoms we can feel due to ear barotraumas, such as the pain in our ears and we can’t hear clearly as if there is a block.

How to protect your hearing?

Maybe some good habits to follow can give you some protection from hearing disorders such as hearing loss. However, it’s not easy to say you can prevent them completely, because of some risk factors such as age, but it’s still important to follow these tips:

  • You should avoid the loud noise, especially for a long time, always remember to take care of the sounds not to over the limit 85dB
  • You should avoid listening to loud music too because it affects your hearing.
  • Don’t forget to give your ears a break from the noise, it’s very important.
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