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The most common nose disorders


Your nose plays a very important role to your body more than you can imagine, your nose simply is your filter, and it protects your airways and body from any germs and dust or any foreign bodies that can harm you.

Besides all of the above, your nose gives you all those different smells around you, due to the nerve cells.

Now can you imagine what will happen if any problem affects your nose or the functions it is responsible for? Not only lungs or airways, but all of the human body will suffer from any change or issues that happen to nose health.

Common Nose diseases

Many people are suffering from different conditions due to nose medical issues, that’s why you need to know more about the common diseases that can hurt your nose function such as:


Many people are suffering from this chronic condition, which makes them feel some uncomfortable symptoms, such as:

  • Nasal obstruction or drains.
  • You can’t smell things around you well.
  • Some people have problems with breathing.

Sinusitis happens due to paranasal inflammation, there are many reasons behind the condition, and it may happen due to a virus or bacteria.

Nasal and Sinus Polyps

This condition can be related to the sinusitis condition, nasal polyps happen due to the lining inflammation.

However nasal polyps may not cause symptoms, there are some signs that the patient can feel such as:

  • Can’t taste or smell well.
  • Feeling the pain in upper teeth and face.
  • Can notice snoring, or runny nose.

After getting the right diagnosis, the doctor will determine the best treatment for you, medications can be the first choice, but sometimes some patients will need surgery to get the right treatment for them.

Nasal Obstruction

This condition makes the pain feel like there are a nose block and disability to breathe normally, there are many causes of this condition, such as:

  • The deviated nasal septum that makes one of the nasal passages is bigger than the other one. This condition happens due to trauma or any other reason.
  • Allergies can make the nose lining swelling (inflammation).
  • Maybe there is a foreign body that entered the nose and causes this block.

Nasal Allergies

Many people feel some common symptoms such as stuffy noses and feel like their eyes are watery, this condition can happen for many reasons, maybe because of the dust or even your pet!

Some people are allergic to many triggers, or one trigger, that’s why knowing the reason or the trigger is very important to help the doctor to prescribe the right treatment.

This reaction from your body is happening because your body considers those triggers as foreign bodies, so your body starts fighting it with some chemicals called the histamine.

When should you consult a doctor?

If you feel breath shortness, you should consult a doctor to diagnosis the problem, then prescribe the treatment, take care of this:

  • You can’t breathe when you lie on a bed.
  • You notice a fever and keep coughing.

You should keep notice of your symptoms, and discuss the condition with your doctor to determine the best treatment for you.

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