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The most common throat diseases


The throat is an important part of our body that helps us with its important functions. As your throat helps you to transfer food you eat to the oesophagus, and what else? Our throat plays an important role in transferring the air to the windpipe.

Sometimes we are suffering from disorders that affect our throat functions, and we can notice that through the different annoying symptoms.

Common throat diseases

We can suffer from different conditions that can affect our throat, of course, it happens due to different reasons, but we can mention some of the most common throat problems such as:


This condition is very common in childhood, patient with tonsillitis feels some common symptoms such as:

  • Sore throat.
  • The difficulty of swallowing.
  • Some patients feel a fever.

But we have to say that tonsillitis can happen at any age, not just kids, and this condition can happen because of bacteria or viruses, whatever the condition reason, you should visit the doctor to prescribe the right treatment if the sore throat doesn’t go away after two days.


When the windpipe and the vocal cords get infected with inflammation, this can lead to croup, and this condition can be noticed with some symptoms such as:

  • Breathing hardly.
  • Barking cough.

Some people feel the condition as if it’s cold, but there are some differences between the two conditions because the croup later makes the patient coughing and notice hoarseness.

All of this happens due to the swelling of parties around the windpipe, bronchi, and the voice box.


This condition makes the vocal cords get inflamed, that’s why the patient notices his voice becomes hoarse.

You should know that, laryngitis can be acute or chronic, it depends on the reasons, so the symptoms can last for less than two weeks or for a long time, some symptoms that the patient may feel are:

  • Soar and dry throat.
  • Some people notice dry cough too.
  • Some people notice there are some changes in their voices.

Throat Cancer

One of the diseases that can affect the throat is the cancerous tumors, which can affect the fat cells.

Not only the fat cells but also the voice box and the epiglottis can get affected by throat cancer.

There some symptoms should be noticed such as:

  • The pain in the ears.
  • Feeling a sore throat and notice hoarseness.
  • Some people notice weight loss.

There are some triggers or risk factors that can trigger the conditions, so you should be careful and stop smoking, and stay away from unhealthy diets.

When should you visit the doctor?

It depends on the condition, if you notice your symptoms don’t go away, even after getting rest, don’t panic but you have to consult a doctor to perform the needed test to diagnose the condition and the main cause behind it.

The doctor will prescribe the right treatment for you, that’s why you shouldn’t take medications without consulting the doctor, because it may happen due to a virus or a bacteria, only the doctor will diagnose it and give you medications.


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